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    Best Places to Give Furniture to Charity. Donating your used furniture to charity is an easy way to dispose of your unwanted stuff. But charities do take just about anything. Just give furniture that is still in fairly good condition, only use plastic that has been properly washed. Some minor light wear and tear are okay.

    If you plan to donate gently used items such as couches, sofas or chairs, bring them in with you if you plan to transfer them to your new home. You can also donate some of your clothes. magazine accept all clothing but some accept only certain types. Ask if they can accept your children’s school clothes or if you can get rid of them in the place of donation.

    For those who prefer to pick up the furniture in their locality, there are many options. One option is to go to the local donation center. Here you can stack up what you no longer need and sort them into different categories. You can also make a list of the items that you want to get rid off and sort them according to when they were bought. You can also leave behind some of your personal items like your children’s old books or other cherished possessions.

    There are some great opportunities to donate your unwanted or unused household items. The Salvation Army is one of the largest charitable organizations in the United States. They have a variety of programs for the less fortunate. Many of their programs are designed specifically for the job training and job placement needs of the very poor. Many people do not realize how much they need to learn about how to find jobs, or how to pay their bills while they are unemployed.

    Another great organization to give your unwanted and unused household items to is Habitat for Humanity. They accept furniture both in the form of bulk orders and they also accept gently used items. They are one of the fastest and most convenient ways to get your hands on gently used items in your area. Their main charity is focused on helping those families who are in need of a new home. They will evaluate the home before they accept any order and if they see one that meets their requirements they will make an immediate application for funding.

    The Habitat for Humanity office is located on the north side of Toledo, Ohio. Many times you can drop off your furniture and other donations to the Habitat office and pick them up later the same day. This makes it easy to plan your move in advance so you will know where to drop off your belongings. There are building materials, appliances, and more to be donated at the Habitat office. They accept furniture including beds, cribs, strollers, and more. They also offer help with coordinating your move in with theirs so you do not have any hassles after you have moved in.

    Last but not least is another great option when it comes to donating your unwanted or unused household items. There is only one local charity that accepts all types of appliances, building materials, clothing, and more. Their website is Habitat Heroes. This organization takes special care to ensure that all of the donated items go directly to those in need.

    The website has helpful links to help you find the type of furniture and other appliances you would like to donate. They have a place for you to type in your information and a place for you to describe why you would like to donate. You can choose to choose clothing, appliances, office supplies, etc. Habitat Heroes accepts gently used or new furniture and appliances. If you are looking for specific items they can also assist you with that as well. Regardless of what type of gently used or new items you may have, you can donate to this amazing charity.


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