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    When you first think of what is an activist, you may immediately think of people marching, chanting or chain smoking in the streets. Occupy Wall Street is actually just a few people taking it upon themselves to try to improve the world for everyone. It is not really what is an activist.

    There are many who disagree with the notion that what is an activist is an organized group of citizens taking drastic political stands. Activists are individuals who take extreme measures to bring about change. Many will not let their comfort level go past their principles and will go beyond what is considered “social” to achieve their goals. To call what is an activist different than what is considered a socialite, however, is not completely fair to either group.

    When you think of an activist, you may immediately think of young people with bandannas and hippie sunglasses marching around city squares. While these are a few of the imagery of what is an activist, the true spirit of what is anactivist is much more inspiring. What is an activist? A true believer in liberty and peaceful revolution. An entrepreneur ready to step out into the public square armed with a goal and a plan to make it happen.

    In a nutshell, what is an activist is a person who believes in freedom, peace, justice and economic prosperity for all. Activists believe in using direct action to bring about change rather than sitting on their hands dreaming about change. Activists use direct action to speak out, to demonstrate, to picket, to march and to engage. Some would say that the best way to understand what is an activist is to learn about the life and work of Teju Adisa-Farrar.

    A Teju Adisa-Farrar is an American social worker, a retired college teacher and a prolific writer. He also teaches classes on direct action at colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is best known for his book entitled “You Are the Corporation: Making Sense Out of Corporate Management”. In this book he advocates investing in socially conscious, socially progressive and socially disadvantaged small public companies.

    What is an Activist Investor? Activist investors are companies’ main stock holders or owners. They are usually part of a larger group of shareholders that pool their money together to purchase a large number of shares of a publicly traded company. They are active participants in the day to day operations of the target company, they are purchasing the stock in. These groups typically include retired military, middle class and wealthy investors.

    Why are these type of investors important? Well, by purchasing such a large amount of shares they can vote out a corporation’s Board of Directors and force a management change. Many times these activists are successful at having management and the board change. In addition these activists can take over important company positions if they are able to garner enough support from institutional investors. They can also buy up enough shares to cause the stock price to fall enough to force a company to file for bankruptcy.

    What is an Activist Investor? Activists are increasingly becoming a force in today’s stock market and are taking direct action against corporations that they feel are wrong. Activists have many causes including reducing profits, social justice and protecting the environment. Activism can be direct, verbal or implied. magazine can be sure of is that as long as the shareholder rights of regular investors are not threatened it is safe to invest in activism and the buying and selling of stocks by activists and radicals.


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