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    Google launched the Google+ social platform to try and conquer the market. magazine is the next generation of the social networks that have been around for some time now. The aim of Google+ is to combine all the online social networks into a single place. The goal is to provide a central location for sharing, viewing and interacting with others.

    Google+ can be compared to other social networks in that it aims to provide a central location where people can share their thoughts, ideas and opinions with others. All conversations on the site are visible to everyone. When you like a post on your page you can “pin” it so you can share the cost with others on your friends list. If they like the post, you will also see an update on your Google+ account letting you know you have shared it. It’s a similar approach as Twitter uses for its major share of the market.

    The idea behind this appears to be that Google is trying to find a way to take a share of the market through a site that doesn’t currently provide a way for businesses to interact. Twitter for example is a fantastic way of keeping up with your clients and providing feedback. With Facebook you can connect with your friends and family for networking purposes. Sites like LinkedIn offer professional networking tools that are useful for connecting with potential clients and colleagues. YouTube is a useful business tool but only recently started offering video sharing capabilities. YouTube is the place where many videos are hosted these days.

    So how does Google intend to change this? Google has announced that it will be adding more social sharing tools to its main website. It plans to start using YouTube as one of its primary sources of video sharing. It will also add new features that allow you to instantly share videos with others in your network. The ultimate aim is to let users upload and share videos from everywhere they are.

    This will obviously be an exciting development for the internet user. The idea of being able to share anything you want with your entire social network is very appealing. Imagine being able to share your latest videos with your family, your friends, your employees, and even your fellow marketers on the worldwide web. Video sharing is already popular on the web but having the option to share videos with others in your network is going to open a whole new level of online marketing.

    The idea of social SEO is actually making a lot of sense. Search engines are always looking for new ways to provide relevant results to their users. By adding a social element to search results this will allow Google to make more profit. Social SEO is all about providing content that is valuable to others. This increases the chances that your content will be shared and leveraged by others. magazine in turn increases your exposure and visibility on the internet.

    If you think about the power behind YouTube and other video sharing websites you’ll realize how powerful it is. Many individuals use YouTube as a way to promote their website or to get free traffic. YouTube is also one of the first places people look when they perform a search. With this in mind you can imagine the power of being able to share videos on the largest search engine in the world. In addition to sharing videos on YouTube you can share them with your social network, which would increase the reach of your message.

    The ultimate goal is to get as much content out there as possible. When you share videos you increase the likelihood that someone will watch your video and then share it with their network. magazine are if they have shared that video with their network they will share it with their friends and their contacts. magazine of viral marketing is real and Google has made it easy for businesses to take advantage of it. The best part is you can start using Google Social Impact today for free and I would suggest you do so as soon as possible.


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